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Dr.-Eng. Saad Baradiy
Yakovlev Grigory Ivanovich
The structuring effects in the composite
building materials by ultra and nanoscale
additives based on natural and man-made raw

Professor Yakovlev G.I. works as the head of the department
"Geotechnics and building materials" in the Kalashnikov
Izhevsk State Technical University. The range of scientific
interests is associated with the use of nanodispersed
additives to modify the properties of composite building
materials. According to the results of the conducted
researches, 8 post-graduate students defended their theses,
including 2 post-graduate students from the Egyptian-Russian
University. Scientific results are actively introduced into
production. He co-organizes the international conference
"Nanotechnology in Construction" from the Russian side at all
previous conferences.
Building Physics, Energy Efficiency and
Sustainability in the field of tension between
prosperity, environmental protection, resource
conservation and economical aspects.
State-of-the-Art in Germany

Head of Building Physics Department iproplan®
Planungsgesellschaft mbH
Court appointed, publicly appointed and sworn expert
witness for Building Engineering Physics
Certified Specialist of Chamber of Engineers for Energy
Efficiency in Buildings
Senior Auditor for Sustainability (DGNB) / Expert on BNB-
Dr. Ahmed S. G. Khalil
Dr. Ahmed Saad Gomaa Khalil is the founder and group
leader of ESTG. Dr. Khalil received his PhD in Physics
and Materials Science in 2008 from Max Planck Institute in
Germany. He received his B. Sc and M. Sc. in Physics
from Cairo University in 1999 and 2003, respectively. Dr.
Khalil was a postdoctoral associate (2008-2010) at the
University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany and a visiting
scientist at IBM Research labs in Zurich, Switzerland
(2010-2011) and the University of California Berkley, USA
(2013). His scientific research has been published in
highly ranked journals, such as Advanced Materials,
Journal of American Chemical Society, Journal of
Materials Chemistry, Desalination, Carbon and Journal of
Membrane Science. Dr. Khalil’s research interests expand
into different areas including water desalination, printed
electronics, and solar energy. Over the last 5 years, Dr.
Khalil has succeeded to attract more than Euro 5 Million
from national and international funding organizations for
his research and teaching activities at Fayoum University.
These activities have been done in close collaboration
with more than 50 academic and industrial partners from
USA, Europe, Asia and the Arab world. Since 2016, Dr.
Khalil is an elected member of the Arab German Academy
of Science and Humanities (AGYA) in Germany. He is
currently an Associate Professor of Materials Science at
the Faculty of Science, Fayoum University, Egypt
Prof. gintautas skripkiūnas
Prof. Sayed Shebl
Gintautas Skripkiūnas, prof. of Vilnius Gediminas
Technical University
Professor Gintautas Skripkunas works as a professor at the
Department of Building Materials and Fire Safety and senior
researcher at the Institute of Building Materials at the Vilnius
Technical University. Gedimin. The range of scientific
interests is related to the technology of concrete, the
modification of cement systems, including nano additives,
the reological properties of concrete mixtures and the
durability of concrete under different operating conditions.
He is the author of 2 textbooks, more than 120 scientific
articles and 3 patents, the head of 7 post-graduate students
defended dissertations. The head and employee of many
scientific projects, the results of which are implemented in
production. He is the Chairman of the Technical Committee
for Concrete and Reinforced Concrete in the Department of
Standardization of Lithuania, member of the working groups
of the European Committee for Standardization of the CEN
and the International Union of Laboratories and Experts in
the Field of Building Materials, Systems and Structures
· Prof. Shebl graduated from Power Mech Engineering Dept., Faculty of Engineering at Mataria, Hellwan University in 1988. He obtained his M.Sc. from Faculty of Engineering at Mataria, Hellwan University in 1997 and his Ph.D. from Faculty of Engineering at Shoubra, Zagazig University, in 2003. Upon graduation, he has joined HBRC as a research assistant and was promoted in different positions and he is currently BPI Director.
· Field of specialization: Building Physics Engineering including, Heat and Mass Transfer, Mechanical and Thermo-Physical Properties of Building and Thermal Insulation Materials, Thermal Performance of Buildings for Thermal Comfort, Energy Efficiency, Green and Sustainability Applications, Structure Performance against Fire and Fireproofing Materials, Synthesis of Nano Materials and its Applications in Building and Construction Materials, Solar and Renewable Energy Application - Mechanical Systems (Elevators, HVAC) Consultation.
· Prof. Shebl get Study Tour "Energy Saving in Residential and Commercial Building in Germany", 2004. He also get Post Doctor scientific mission at Tuskegee University, Alabama, USA in the fields of development of nano particles and recycling of wastes in composite thermal insulation and fireproofing materials for green building applications.
· Member of a variety of Code Committees
· Prof. Shebl is the Principal Investigator and team member for a lot of national projects
· Author/co-author of tens of scientific papers.
· Attendance to tens of international conferences.
· Deputy of Conference General Secretary, Member of Organizing committee, and Member of Scientific committee, in different Conference/Workshop
· Supervised and refereed many Ph.D. and M.Sc. theses.

Fireproofing Induction; Tests
plenary report is " Nano-modification of Portland-Cement Concrete Structure and Properties"
Smart and Patterned Membranes for Water Desalination